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New product development and supply chain management, W3C and Web Filters,E-Commerce in the Public and Private Sectors.

New product development and supply chain management

From your research, discuss the procedures/processes contributing to the integration of standardization and simplification in developing specifications for new products.

How do these procedures/processes contribute to the more effective and efficient development of these specifications? What is the role of purchasing and supply management professionals in the facilitation of these procedures/processes?

How can the use of cross-functional teams benefit the development of new or improve existing products?

Benefits of Business to Business (B2B) E-Commerce

List the benefits of Business to Business B2B E-Commerce.

W3C and Web Filters

I need help please.I understand what a W3C job is but I am not sure if they should develop web filters and if not, who should develop rules for such filters? I do not know how to answer that question. I do not know what to look for on the web.

I also need help with finding out who can develop filters.

Thank you.

E-Commerce in the Public and Private Sectors.

1. What are the elements unique to e-commerce/e-procurement in the public and private sectors?

2. How would you describe the benefits that accrue from implementation of e-commerce/e-procurement in an enterprise? How would you describe the pitfalls associated with the use of e-commerce/e-procurement in these sectors?

3. What role do you think that quality plays when considering e-Commerce?

Infrastructure Components in E-Commerce

What are some of the infrastructure components that make up E-commerce? Who might be the vendors who distribute or develop E-commerce infrastructure?


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